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Our experience as a bali driver and bali tours guide since 1997. Be assured your Bali tours are guided by our Bali english speaking driver.

Elvys Bali

My Name is
I Made Sudikarma
My friend call me ELVY'S
I'm a Bali Tour Guide and have 15th years as a driver in Bali. We know all the Bali Tour areas anywhere around Bali.


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Special Best Package Include Bali Driver Tour Guide :

Ticket, Lunch, Dinner.


Account for Transaction :

Mandiri Bank

I Made Sudikarma


Swift Code : BEIIIDJA

Experience tours around Bali guided by a Balinese driver that only a few tourist have seen it before!
Welcome to Bali! My name is I Made Sudikarma, and I can be your host, guide, driver and concierge during your stay on our magnificent island. I hope you will allow me to make your visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

My services as a skilled Bali driver and knowledge and reliability can enhance your trip in several ways, including:

  • Hiring a Bali driver instead of renting a car and easy, hassle-free transport right from the day you arrive at the airport until you leave our beautiful Bali
  • Customized itineraries tailored to your interests and preferences
  • Objective advice on finding places to eat, drink, sleep and have fun that are perfectly suited to your tastes, budget and convenience
  • Shows you the most remote and hidden places in Bali which you would have never found on your own or on other bali tour guide- You do not have to study guide books about Bali. Your Bali driver will be your local guide in Bali and will show you the most spectacular and the fascinating aspects of the island.

driving on your own will add a significant level of comfort and pleasure to your holiday. Look no further as you have arrived at the right spot.

I am a proud resident of  Bali and as your driver in Bali and your guide in Bali I would like to share with you the experience of the best places on the island of  Bali. I have been driving guests around Bali for 15 years so that you will have an experienced driver who has been around everywhere and can show you the most remote and hidden places.

I am also a very experienced tour guide. I will explain everything you need to know and everything you want to know about my Island of Paradise.

Your personal safety is my primary concern. You can safely relax in my car while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

As a friendly and outgoing person many of my former customers are now my personal friends. We exchange e-mail and quite often; they recommend my service to their friends. When they return to Bali we spend time together driving around and exploring new areas of Bali. Read the rest of this entry »

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” Special Hot Best Package To Dolphine Tours to Lovina Beach ”


* Price Package Rp. 700.000,- /Person

Include :
” Ticket Entre, ( all Places )” Breakfast with Bread & Drinks Juss Orange, Lunch, ” Ticket for Dolphine ,, ” Transport, ” Guide Fee, ” Free Drinks.

Tour start at 3 am. Happy Ours

  • Dolphine in Lovina Beach
  • Bedugul : Beautiful Holyday Resort.
  • Candi Kuning : The Floating Temple.
  • Pacung : Indonesian Buffet Meal.
  • Mengwi : The Family Royal Temple
  • Alas Kedaton : Holy Monkey Forest.
  • Tanah Lot
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Sometimes customers have a hard time choosing because the price every single car is very expensive, we are here to give good service and price that  have  standard price used in Bali.


FULL DAY (8-10 Hours):
( From Kuta Area, Nusa Dua, and Sanur )
1. Toyota Avansa (max 5 passengers) : IDR 400,000 ( 50 USD )
2. Suzuki APV (max 7 passengers) : IDR 400,000 ( 50 USD )
3. KIA Pregio/Travello (max 10 passengers): IDR 650,000 ( 70 USD )
4. Isuzu Elf (max 13 passengers) : IDR 700,000 ( 75 USD )
5. Isuzu Elf ( max 16 passangers ) : IDR 900,000 ( 90 USD )
6. Bus (25 seats) : IDR 1000,000 ( 110 USD )
7. Bus (35 seats) : IDR 1,200,000 ( 140 USD )
8. Bus (48 seats) : IDR 1,800,000  ( 200 USD )

HALF DAY PRICE ( 5 Hours ) :
(From Kuta Area, Nusa Dua, and Sanur)
1. Toyota Avansa (max 5 passengers) : IDR 300,000 ( 35 USD )
2. Suzuki APV (max 7 passengers) : IDR 300,000 ( 35 USD )
3. KIA Pregio/Travello (max 10 passengers): IDR 450,000 ( 50 USD )
4. Isuzu Elf (max 13 passengers) : IDR 450,000 ( 50 USD )
5. Isuzu Elf ( max 16 passangers ) : IDR 500,000 ( 55 USD )

(From/to Kuta Area, Nusa Dua, and Sanur)
1. Suzuki APV (max 7 passengers) : IDR 150,000 / 20 USD ( Around Kuta,Sanur,Seminyak,Nusa dua)
2. Toyota Avansa (max 5 passengers) : IDR 150,000 / 20 USD ( Around Kuta,Sanur,Seminyak,Nusa dua)
3. KIA Pregio/Travello (max 10 passengers): IDR  350,000 /45 USD ( Around Kuta,Sanur,Seminyak,Nusa dua)
4. Isuzu Elf (max 13 passengers) : IDR  350,000 / 45 USD ( Around Kuta,Sanur,Seminyak,Nusa dua)
5. Isuzu Elf ( max 16 passangers ) : IDR 400,000 / 45 USD   ( Around Kuta,Sanur,Seminyak,Nusa dua)

EXTRA HOURS (hourly):
1. Suzuki APV (max 7 passengers) : IDR 60,000
2. Toyota Avansa (max 5 passengers) : IDR 60,000
3. KIA Pregio/Travello (max 10 passengers): IDR 80,000
4. Isuzu Elf (max 13 passengers) : IDR 80,000
5. Isuzu Elf ( max 16 passangers ) : IDR 100,000 / 12 USD

The Rates include:

A.The cost is inclusive of my driving and guiding service, airport pick up and drop off, comfortable  air conditioned vehicle with petrol, parking fees, the necessary Balinese dress and a guarantee in your satisfaction. I can also run errands for you during your excursions/relax time if you’d like.
B.Cost does not include entrance/excursion fees, donations, tickets for performances, your meals/drinks and other personal expenses of yours.
If you do not want a full 10 hours a day that is OK too. I am very flexible and can work with you!

” Don’t worry be happy….

Contact Us : madenegaras@hotmail.com

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Thanks you very much Ms Shu wang have been booking transport private tours guide in Bali for 6 days.

And Ms Shu staying in ” Kuta Seavew Hotel ”and to many places to see like : Kintamani Volcano, Dolphine Tours , Jimbaran sunset dinner seafood, Uluwatu temple, Bedugul temple & lake beratan, Lunch babi guling, coffee Luwak, Spa, Barong dance , Musium denpasar and sanur beach.

So, thanks again and see next time.Ms Shu Wang & Douther

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A short while ago we found ourselves in a country that had lots to see and many adventures to explore. We asked ourselves how will we really see what Bali has to offer without getting into the normal tour buses and crowds. A fellow colleague gave me the name of a person who he had found through word of mouth when he visited Bali a year previous. The tour guide’s name was Elvys an easy name to remember. What a wonderful experience, something to remember for the rest of our lives. Elvys would pick us up at our resort every morning whenever we wanted to go on tour. He showed up on time every day always waiting patiently even if we were a bit tardy. The entire day was filled with exciting adventures going to places and attractions not normally attended by tour buses and crowds. Elvys knew absolutely everybody making every tour personal and private.
We visited many of the neighboring towns and drove through small villages in the neighboring mountains exploring what each place had to offer. Elvys always had a firsthand experience where ever we went. We visited his home and were treated like kings as he introduced us to all of his family. Even when we went on the elephant rides through the jungle Elvys personally had friendships with the trainers themselves making the adventure more personal. When we wanted to go shopping Elvys took us to local shops each time knowing where the best place was to get awesome prices with Elvys bargaining for us to insure we got the very best deal possible.
At one very expensive restaurant we took Elvys in and for the first time he had a hamburger with fries interesting to watch his reaction as he devoured everything with excitement. When we went out at night Elvys took us too many out of the way restaurants and always waited at the curb for us to insure we were safe. This unique gentle man only charged us $50 at day at that time, however his rate may have gone up a little since then. Everything was so awesome we tipped him generously in addition to his day rate. Elvys made our stay in Bali very memorable and deserves praise on how he runs his very comfortable tours. Don’t miss out with this wonderful tour guide when in Bali you will not be disapointed.

Visited December 2011
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Mrs Theo

1000 lots of thanks on Mrs. Li Wei and Theo family who came to bali for a holiday.
And with a sense of pride can take you
way over in bali to sights.
I feel sad when you okey…
back to malaysia and I have a hope of being able to meet again at another time.
I hope many of you have stories of bali to your friends
in malysia.
And I am also grateful for the opportunity to be create tourist attractions guide.
And Mrs. Theo & family stay 3 nights in lovina beach and 2 nights in kuta.
They went like: Dolphine, bali food, waterfall, rabbit satay, , eating at the edge of kintamani, shopping and many places.
And I am also grateful because it is always in the eating and invite your most memorable time we ate at jimbaran seafood while watching the sunset.
I apologize if there is less good than me and may you return to malaysia with a beautiful smile.
Bali Driver
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